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[audio]Nodo AuDIYolab-pd - artropocode
Audio do nodo auDIYolab do artropocode meeting
Keywords: audio puredata
Downloads: 7
[audio]Bship 22edo 2 - Billy Stiltner
xensynth in 22edo sequenced by mandelbrot fractal sequencer with breaks and beats
Keywords: 22edo puredata xenharmonic
Downloads: 21
[audio]Sonoespectros callejeros - Tatiana Avendaño _ Angela Jimenez
Tatiana Avendaño y Angela Jiménez se reunen para esta propuesta. Con datos de registros de contaminación electromagnética de Medellín, y procesados con PureData, los sonidos generados se mezclan con paisajes sonoros, voces y sonidods Bogotanos.
Keywords: experimentacion sonora; puredata; Bogotá
Downloads: 37
[audio]Old Rehearsals - ClaudiusMaximus
Some old rehearsal sessions.
Keywords: Music; Pure-data; Techno
Downloads: 6
[audio]22edobuchlastdpent 5maj - Billy Stiltner
22edo standard pentachordal major mode sequenced with buchla like sequencer in Pure Data switching the note bank to the 10 different chords
Keywords: 22edo PureData
Downloads: 17
[audio]jruto - kustota
recorded in 2010. electric guitar + puredata synths + pvc tubing drum + pvc tubing bass/violin + acoustic guitar + toy metallophone + field recordings
Keywords: 2010; monotonous; puredata; kraut
Downloads: 98
[movies]Puzzle 1 - ClaudiusMaximus
A meditation on futility, taking the form of an endless fractal puzzle.
Keywords: Fractal; Puzzle; Pure-data
Downloads: 290
[movies]kopplungen - Enkidu / Julean Simon
kopplungen - audiovisuelle performanz julean simon - wax enkidu - visuals klang und bild werden in echtzeit errechnet; die interaktion von ton und bild ist regelbasiert; die audiovisuellen kompositionen sind das ergebnnis freier improvisation. simon spielt ein elektronisches blasinstrument, die tongenerierung erfolgt ueber physical modelling synthese, polyphone mehrstimmigkeit wird durch spezielle spieltechniken erreicht...
Keywords: experimental; PureData; physical modeling
Downloads: 231
[audio]Livecoding 2008 - ClaudiusMaximus
A few livecoding sessions with Pure-data in 2008. Short live performance in London, UK (18mins) Heavier sounds (recorded with no audience) (58mins) Mellower sounds (recorded with no audience) (51mins) Live set broadcast on an internet radio (58 mins)
Keywords: Electronica; Livecoding; Pure-data
Downloads: 107
[audio]bubbles - daax!
puredata recording
Keywords: puredata hacktheDj! daax!
Downloads: 146
[movies]MA - geekshabeka
Audio grabado directamente desde patch puredata nun live da perfo Magia Augmentada.Na primeira parte hai reactividade a micros de contacto, na segunda a voz en tempo real.Técnicas: design interactivo (micro-interpreter etcs), síntese aditiva, síntese granular.
Keywords: transfeminismo; medicina; cyborgs; puredata; noise
Downloads: 15
[audio]Langtang - Daniel Benítez
Composiciones para guitarra acustica y PureData inspiradas en Tibet, metamorfosis entre lo maquinal y lo animal y todo lo que pueda exisitr en medio, 4 electro-mantras (o tracks) resultado de la consecucion repetida de pocos bits de sonido y el pulso perene de las cuerdas de nylon.
Keywords: noise; puredata; junkie jet; mexico
Downloads: 104
[audio][LFR-9] Elementals - Justin Robert
I recorded this album live with my jlooper pure data patch and a casiotone MT-60, a microphone, xenyx 502 mixer, this piece was improvised in real-time with no prerecorded loops or sounds. This album is dedicated to Elephas the Goldfish who passed away early morning on 2.8.08. I'll miss you my little friend.released May 2008 Justin Wierbonski - everything
Keywords: experimental; puredata; jlooper; justin robert
Downloads: 29
[audio]SONICorpse - RYAN JORDAN
Ipswich. Buffer dropout. X said to me one night, “I'll show you everything there is to know about street-life”. I looked up to him when I was younger. He was with Y. They had three kids called a, b, and c. M disappeared for a few months. Then he came back. He looked healthy. I cut my ties with of them not long after. Next time I saw M was on the front page of the paper. Three photos showed his disintegration...
Keywords: ryan jordan; sonicorpse; ipswich; puredata
Downloads: 69
[audio]ndm_0.4_GironaRemor;;;. - noisedreamsmachina
deconstruction of fields recordings from Girona Urban and Natural spaces, using experimental creative audio procces ,analogic and digital. Pure Data patches; phasevokoder, granular synthesis, distorsion.... ;;;;ubuntu
Keywords: puredata; experimental; electronic music; linux; drones; noise
Downloads: 154
[audio]nxUrsonate04 - Miquel Parera Jaques
A noise for Ursonate Fanzine: http://ursonatefanzine.tk/
Keywords: noise; electroacustic; experimental; supercollider; puredata; processing
Downloads: 19
[audio]Silence as Internal Noise - THE NOISER (aka Julien Ottavi)
"Ouvrir la porte qui se cache à l'interieur de notre caverne sonore, laisser entrer furtivement la vibration carapaconee dans sa relation à la tension coupante du rien. Le bruit est une source, generalement, de derangement... Mais pris isolement dans ses reminiscences inconscientes, on a le souvenir qu'il nous marque dans la relation à notre environnement (sans jugement positif ni negatif) : bruit blanc du ressac de la mer, le bruit du vent dans les feuilles, le grincement d'une porte, l'eau ...
Keywords: noise; silence; julien ottavi; puredata; thenoiser
Downloads: 80
sound pieces from the series etudesauxhertz early works in 2001
Keywords: noise ottavi julien oscillator puredata sound art
Downloads: 461
[audio]Walkera.buchlaseq - Billy Stiltner
xensynth being triggered by a buchla style sequencerhttp://puredata.hurleur.com/sujet-4992-yet-another-sequencer-buchla-style-including-randomizertuning = Bohlen Peirce  JImode = Walker A
Keywords: Bohlen Pierce; Walker A; PureData; Buchla; xensynth
Downloads: 33
[audio]Is there a composer in the room, automation studies for flute - JULIEN OTTAVI
Composition for automated music. This piece is a minimalist based composition with 2 notes from a flute transformed and played by a musical automation system. 2003
Keywords: julien ottavi; fibrr records; puredata; flute; automation
Downloads: 31
[movies]Tu vois ce que je veux dire - Claude Le Berre / Georges Cazenove
Recording of a performance that took place in theatre "le maillon", in Strasbourg.
Keywords: cut; copy; paste; vj; performance; puredata
Downloads: 210
[movies]CycleTile Sonification #1 - ClaudiusMaximus
Periodic two-dimensional image modulation. Scanlines extracted and used as wavetables for oscillators. Audiovisual drone. Made by ClaudiusMaximus with Pure-data and GridFlow in January 2008. Pd: http://puredata.info GF: http://gridflow.ca CM: http://claudiusmaximus.goto10.org
Keywords: Abstract; Drone; Sonification; Visuals; PureData; GridFlow
Downloads: 2,147
[movies]Live At LAC 2008-02-29 Internal - ClaudiusMaximus
Live performance at the Linux Audio Conference Club Night 2008-02-29. This is a re-rendering of the user interface manipulations and sound. "ClaudiusMaximus of GOTO10 took seat to push the keys more comfortably to create a driving proli-rhythmic techhouse set." -- LAC blog at http://lac.linuxaudio.org
Keywords: Music; Visuals; Linux; Pure-data; Techno
Downloads: 311 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Live At Shunt 2007-06-22 - ClaudiusMaximus
d0->d1->d2->d3->d4 live audio-visual improvised techno performance in the vaults of Shunt underneath London Bridge Station.
Keywords: Pure-data; Music; Improv; Techno; Visuals; Tesseract
Downloads: 572
[movies]II (WTLOTLPTOTG) - ClaudiusMaximus
aka: Interstellar Interference (Would The Last One To Leave Please Turn Off The Gravity). A simulation of several point masses, which exert gravitational forces upon each other. Visualized with spheres representing the masses, with swooshing vapour trails generated by OpenGL texture feedback. Sonified by each mass making a noise, the sound from each of each pair of masses is ring modulated, with the contribution to the overall audio determined by the distance between those two masses...
Keywords: Abstract; Computer Generated; Music; Pure-data
Downloads: 317
[movies]Polizeitgeist (Extended Unedit) - ClaudiusMaximus
Techno audio+video made with Pd ( http://puredata.info ) and GridFlow ( http://gridflow.ca ). A purely digital recording of this solo jam session was edited to form a track on Tribute To John Peel Session #5 ( http://www.archive.org/details/jpt-005 ). Technical details: Jam session recorded from laptop TV out and headphone out to PAL VHS video cassette tape, then digitized with a DVD recorder in HQ mode (1hr=4GB)...
Keywords: techno; live; unedited; pure-data; gridflow
Downloads: 397 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Fractal Juggling v0.3 - ClaudiusMaximus
More fractal juggling synced to generative techno, made with Pd, Gem (lightly patched to support arrays of uniforms), Lua, and GLSL fragment shader. source code
Keywords: Fractal; Juggling; Techno; Music; Video; Pure-data
Downloads: 118
[movies]Squid_ink(colour_signal) - Seedsystem
A series of animations that create sounds from colours made with Quartz Composer, Pure Data and additional sounds from ixiQuarks.The aim is to create generative music from colourful abstract animations. The animations are creative commons licensed so feel free to use them for any purpose.The Pure Date/Gem patch is available for use and further modification at http://ruccas.org/wiki.pl/colour_signal
Keywords: animation; PureData; PD; QuartzComposer; colourfull; abstract; signal
Downloads: 603
[movies]Live At LAC 2008-02-29 (External) - ClaudiusMaximus
Live performance at the Linux Audio Conference Club Night 2008-02-29. This is a re-rendering of the projected visuals and sound. "ClaudiusMaximus of GOTO10 took seat to push the keys more comfortably to create a driving proli-rhythmic techhouse set." -- LAC blog at http://lac.linuxaudio.org
Keywords: Music; Visuals; Linux; Pure-data; Techno
Downloads: 309
[movies]Demo: Denno Senshi Porygon - Residuum
A Demonstration of the VJ bot Denno Senshi Porygon. More info and download of the Puredata patch on http://www.residuum.org/pd.html
Keywords: Pd; Gem; Demo; VJ; VJ Bot, Puredata
Downloads: 333
[audio]ClaudiusMaximus - Live At OpenLab3 2006-11-04 - ClaudiusMaximus
Live techno made with Pure-data. OpenLab provides a meeting place for London based artists who use and develop open source software as their creative tool. OpenLab3 is an art exhibition and will also feature musical performances for its opening and closing events.
Keywords: Techno; Pure-data; OpenLab; OpenLab3
Downloads: 246
[audio]storage-ep - martin brinkmann
ambient/downtempo tracks with a slight dub influence on top of all the crackling and glitches. made with puredata, summer 2010
Keywords: experimental; ambient; downtempo; electronica; clicks; glitch; puredata
Downloads: 228
[movies]laoreet - bololipsum
This is the first music video of bololipsum
Keywords: music circuit-bending chiptune diy pure-data
Downloads: 17
[movies]Live At The Dukes 2007-06-28 - ClaudiusMaximus
d0->d1->d2->d3->d4 live improvised techno performance at The Dukes, Lancaster. Part of an evening of digital sound art organised by Folly in conjunction with GOTO10.
Keywords: Pure-data; Music; Improv; Techno; Visuals; Tesseract
Downloads: 347
[audio]Schrei-Funk-Fläche - Residuum
A trial to bring back the experience of a Residuum concert to a studio recording. 1. Staring at Goats It was meant as the signature tune to the German version of the TV show "The Successor", but was not chosen due to me failing to submit it. 2. Kaspar Pröckl auf dem Weg in die Sowjetunion This track was conceived as a fusion of Hanns Eisler melodies and Russian futuristic music. But none of the two elements made it into the final version...
Keywords: Residuum, Industrial, Experimental, Loop, Pd, Puredata
Downloads: 305
[audio]windproof-ep - martin brinkmann
ambient/downtempo, sometimes slightly polyrhythmic. from winter 2009/2010. made with puredata.
Keywords: experimental; ambient; downtempo; electronica; clicks; glitch; puredata
Downloads: 278
[audio]Cathedral Algorithms - ClaudiusMaximus
A short ambient drone noise piece as generated live at noise=noise The Basement Series #3 on Wednesday 19th August 2009, at The Foundry, London UK (now closed, blame capitalism).Swirling organs beat and recyle, interweaving strange harmonies heading towards the inevitable.
Keywords: Generative; Ambient; Drone; Noise; Pure-data
Downloads: 465
[audio]Incisor Clipping Technique - Infiltration Lab
Incisor Clipping Technique - by Infiltration Lab Release date: November 23rd, 2007 Running time: 00:22:06 Limited edition of fifty (50) mini 3" CDRs in jewel cases with full color, digitally-printed artwork and one-of-a-kind hand painted original disc labels. Incisor Clipping Technique is a poetic bastardization of unnamed psychological constructs. It attempts to dissect specific elements of intent, and it is both horrible and metaphysical...
Keywords: noise; experimental; electronic; infiltrationlab; pd; puredata
Downloads: 192
[audio]22astrology 10buchla - Billy Stiltner
xensynth tuned to 22edo and modesastrology[10] and fleetwood[10] sequenced with puredata buchla like sequencer
Keywords: astrology[10] fleetwood[10] 22edo puredata xenharmonic
Downloads: 20
[audio]Arno Steinacher Fluc Live 192kbs - Arno Steinacher
This is a live recording of the performance "kernentsprechung. entkerntes sprechen" at Klub Moozak, Fluc, Vienna, from 28/08/2008.Composition/Music: Arno SteinacherVoice: Lisa KaercherVisuals: Bernhard Humting
Keywords: electroacoustic; contemporary; noise; spoken words; german; literature; granular synthesis; puredata
Downloads: 29
Various recordings playing the computer-based synthesizer MISS
Keywords: computer-based; synthesizer; MISS; lemur; sonology; pd; pure-data
Downloads: 40 (1 review)
[image]nx004_Automatic - Miquel Parera Jaques
nx004_Automatic is a computer generated minimal sound.
Keywords: experimental; electronic music; computer music; puredata; python; ambient; minimalism
Downloads: 567
[movies]Ergates - Chris McCormick
Ergates, by Chris McCormick is a rendered session from the game-like audiovisual synthesizer Ergates. Ergates runs in Pure Data and Gem and is controlled with a USB gamepad.
Keywords: puredata gem audiovisual video game experimental synthesizer gamepad synesthesia
Downloads: 880 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Sensores Pd+sc - andré damião
Aquí les dejo un pequeño patch de pd en el cual encontraran 9 sensores que detectan movimiento a través de la cámara de la laptop, éstos a su vez mandan mensajes vía OSC para ser recibidos por supercollider quien se encarga de traducirlos en sonido. Prueben cambiar el sintetizador en sc, cambiar efectos, parámetros, etc. Prueben alterar el funcionamiento del patch de pd para tener mayor o menor sensibilidad de respuesta a los movimientos, también prueben alterar el grado de aleatoriedad ...
Keywords: supercollider puredata pd sc camera senssor sensor camara
Downloads: 6
[audio]Lambda - Dositheos Rivocantus, Thor Anders Trelease Eriksen, Ivan Valentin Hollup Roald
Trio for cello, horn and computer (pure-data).
Keywords: contemporary; trio; electronic; puredata; music; cello; horn; Norway
Downloads: 86
[audio]Jaime Munarriz_SuiteZero - Jaime Munarriz
Etude On Form. PureData. Ambient. STructure. Micro/macro strukturr. Scape. Micro-rythms.
Keywords: PureData; Form; Structure; MicroMacro; Scape; Texture; Ambient; MicroRythm
Downloads: 168
[movies]ClaudiusMaximus - Crystalline Cortex DVD - ClaudiusMaximus
Crystalline Cortex is a journey into the central nervous system of an organism of unknown species. There seems to be some thought in process, but appearances have been known to deceive in the past. But on what else can we base judgement, than what we can percieve? This DVD was made using free/libre open source software for the OpenLab3 Exhbition 2006. Note: the audio is silent throughout.
Keywords: Abstract; Computer Generated; Visuals; OpenLab; OpenLab3; Pure-data; GridFlow
Downloads: 1,443
[movies]Descent - ClaudiusMaximus
Drones with slowly changing beat frequencies.
Keywords: Pure-data; GridFlow; Abstract; Drone; Visuals; Computer Generated
Downloads: 1,974
[movies]Scanned 2005-05-01 - ClaudiusMaximus
Video feedback loop turned into sound.
Keywords: Pure-data; GridFlow; Feedback; Visuals; Noise; Abstract; Computer Generated
Downloads: 2,113
[movies]DohPaintII Session 3 - ClaudiusMaximus
Playing around with sonification of images in a painting program written in Pd and GridFlow.
Keywords: Pure-data; GridFlow; Sonification; Abstract; Visuals; Computer Generated
Downloads: 1,920
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